听我们最流行的有声读物: 剩下的一切
极简主义亚搏彩票者 极简主义亚搏彩票者
Joshua Fields Millburn和Ryan Nicodemus通过其网站帮助超过2000万人过上有意义的生活,书,亚博体育贴吧podcast,和纪录片。The 亚搏彩票Minimalists have been featured in the New York Times,华尔街日报,波士顿环球报福布斯时间,ABC,哥伦比亚广播公司NBC,狐狸BBC,and NPR.

About Joshua & Ryan

About The 亚搏彩票Minimalists


真的,removing the excess is an important part of the recipe—but it's just one ingredient.If we're concerned solely with the stuff,虽然,we're missing the larger point.

亚搏彩票极简主义者不会专注于减少,更少的,更少。我们专注于腾出更多的空间:更多的时间,更多的激情,more creativity,更多体验,more contribution,更加满足,more freedom.清除生活道路上的杂乱有助于腾出空间。

Minimalism is the thing that gets us past the things so we can make room for life's important things—which aren'tthings完全。

For The 亚搏彩票Minimalists,it all started with a lingering discontent.大约十年前,在接近30岁的时候,我们已经完成了所有让我们快乐的事情:六位数的职业,豪华轿车,oversized houses,and all the stuff to clutter every corner of our consumer-driven lives.

但是有了这些东西,we weren't satisfied.有一个巨大的空白,and working 80 hours a week just to buy more stuff didn't fill the void.它只会带来更多的债务,强调,焦虑,fear,孤独,内疚,压倒一切,抑郁。

更糟糕的是,我们无法控制时间,and thus we didn't control our own lives.So,2009,我们利用minimalism.(阅读有关我们21天的极简主义之旅

自2010年启动本网站以来,we've been fortunate enough to establish an audience of more than 20 million people,极简主义者亚搏彩票在整个媒体中都有特色.We have口语at Harvard Business School,苹果谷歌and SXSW.

In 2011,we walked away from our corporate careers and published our first book,,Minimalism: Live a Meaningful Life.That same year,我们进行了一次国际图书之旅,并最终通过我们的online writing classes以及私人辅导课程。

After we left the corporate world,我们找到时间为几个有价值的事业作出贡献。In the past few years,The 亚搏彩票Minimalists have built two orphanages,为哈维飓风的受害者提供了救济,支持奥兰多和拉斯维加斯枪击案的幸存者,在肯尼亚资助一所高中一年,在三个国家安装了清洁水井,constructed an elementary school in Laos,and purchased thousands of mosquito nets to fight malaria in Africa.我们现在raising moneyto build a grocery store in our hometown,Dayton,Ohio,which has one of the largest food deserts in the United States.

到2012年底,我们从代顿搬来,Ohio,to a飞利浦堡附近的小屋,蒙大拿,作为一个四个月的写作实验,followed by a move to beautiful米苏拉in 2013,where we cofounded不对称压力,a publishing house for the indie at heart.

In 2014,we published our most popular book,the critically acclaimed memoir剩下的一切,and we embarked on a 100-city书店旅游.

In 2015,我们出版了第三本书,,基本要求:极简主义者的文章亚搏彩票,which presents a minimalist's perspective on twelve different areas of life—from decluttering,gift-giving,和财务的激情,health,和关系。我们还与另外五位作家和一位非对称媒体的音乐家一起踏上了第一条道路。文字之旅.

2016年1月,we launched极简派播亚搏彩票客亚博体育贴吧,在这里,我们讨论过一种有意义的生活,少一些,回答听众的问题。With more than 40 million downloads,它经常是苹果播客上的1健康播客,偶尔也会在所有节目中亚博体育贴吧排名前10位。The 亚博体育贴吧podcast is produced by our good friend亚博体育贴吧播客肖恩.

In February 2016,alongside our friends Sarah and Joshua Weaver,我们在圣路易斯开了一家咖啡馆。PetersburgFlorida,打电话班迪特咖啡公司

5月24日,2016,our documentary,,Minimalism,在美国和加拿大的400家影院上映,作为2016年的1独立纪录片开幕。它现在可以在Netflix上使用,iTunesand Amazon.


2017年9月,我们moved to Los Angeles建立一个播客和电影工作亚博体育贴吧室,努力创造更有意义的作品。We're currently working on our next documentary.


About Joshua Fields Millburn

我1981年出生在代顿,俄亥俄州。Because we grew up poor,我怀疑我们缺乏幸福是因为缺钱。所以当我十八岁的时候,我跳过大学,申请了一份初级的公司工作。I spent the next decade climbing the corporate ladder,forsaking everything except the pursuit of money—because that was sure to make me happy,right??

及时,I became the youngest director in our company's 140-year history.Even though I earned a remarkable income,我不觉得了不起。I had accumulated the trinkets of success,但有些东西不见了。

Then,in late 2009,我母亲去世,我的婚姻在同一个月结束,这让我质疑一切:财政,自由,未来。那时我discovered minimalism.现在,大约十年后,我可能拥有的比288 things,但实际上我没有数一数我的东西.

In 2011,在追寻美国梦的十几年后,,I quit my six-figure jobat age 30 to focus on meaningful creative work.Writing is the form of creativity I'm most passionate about.I like to think of my writing as one part David Foster Wallace,one part Christopher Wallace,and one part William Wallace.

After spending my first 31 years in Ohio,most recently in aminimalist apartmentin downtown Dayton,I moved to Montana in 2012,在那里我遇到了我的搭档,,丽贝卡.我们住在一个极简主义家in Missoula with our daughter,,艾拉,until we moved to Los Angeles in 2017,因为那是人们讲故事的地方。

我不是一个坚忍的人,我当然不是路德派,but I enjoy conducting stoical experiments from time to time,就像生活中没有Internet,生活中没有电话,生活无purchasing things,生活中没有television,生活在没有目标.

作为一个内向的人(英泰),我以前是个非常私密的人。然后我发现了Twitter。You can跟着我for pithy musings and smart-ass remarks.If that's not enough,you can listen to some of my最喜欢的音乐and read my long-winded answers to these20个问题关于极简主义。

Ryan's Comments About Joshua

我从五年级就认识乔希了。My favorite memory is the first time I saw Josh eat an entire ten-pack of White Castle hamburgers at age ten.他真的是我们学校最胖的孩子。哦,and he had a mullet until he was twelve.[I can't deny this unfortunate fact,mainly because there're pictures to prove it.—JFM]

关于Ryan Nicodemus

Ryan Nicodemus乔舒亚·韦弗摄
I was born in 1981 in Knoxville,田纳西在俄亥俄州西南部的纽约州北部长大。我现在和我的搭档住在洛杉矶,玛丽娅。You can see a photo tour of our previous home in Missoula,蒙大拿,,here.

Although I grew up in a dysfunctional home without much money,我最终在企业界制造了它。I was living the American Dream until我被解雇了。,but that's actually one of the best things that's ever happened to me.现在,since my包装派对in 2010,I'm focused on living a meaningful life with less stuff,我在追求我的激情。

我最深的热情是指导人们。I had a decade of mentoring and leadership experience in the corporate world,which I've repurposed to help people get unstuck in their personal lives.但指导并不是我唯一的激情。I'm passionate about many things: I enjoy snowboarding,wakeboarding,paddleboarding—pretty much any kind of boarding,except waterboarding.

作为一个外向的人(EFP),I'm the more social half of The 亚搏彩票Minimalists.If you like interesting,silly updates,你可以跟我来TwitterorInstagram.


Ryan and I have nearly identical thought processes,但我们是完全不同的人:我是个小强迫症患者,he's a bit ADD.I'm an introvert who loves alone time,Ryan一直是派对的焦点。我是6英尺2英寸,Ryan是……嗯……我们就说他比6英尺矮。[嘿,我5岁11岁,而这一切都达到了6英尺!—Ryan]哦,赖安喜欢海龟,,great coffee,and the晚间新闻.